Hydraulic Technologies for Construction

Demands Continue To Rise For Safer and More Efficient Solutions To Tackle Complex MRO Needs and Applications

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Driving Efficiency and Productivity in the Construction Industry

The heavy construction market encompasses a diverse range of projects, including the development and refurbishment of commercial/industrial facilities, roads, bridges, and stadiums. These projects involve the use of large-scale machinery and equipment to execute tasks such as earthmoving, lifting, and structural support.

Driving efficiency and productivity in this sector is the integration of hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic systems are vital in heavy construction due to their ability to generate immense power and control precise movements — essential for tasks like excavating, lifting heavy loads, and operating various attachments.

In recent years, advancements in hydraulic technology have further enhanced the capabilities of heavy construction equipment. Innovations such as intelligent hydraulic systems and remote operation capabilities have become increasingly prevalent, allowing for greater control, efficiency, and sustainability on construction sites.

Featured Projects in Construction

Building Lift

Palace Theater Building Lift

Situation: Customer required to lift a historical building weighing 7,400 tons thirty feet within another building to make room for building floor expansion. The application required less than 4mm tolerance from point to point; no acceptable pitch, roll, or yaw; and no vibration or damage to the valuable historical decor within the theater. 

Solution Supplied: 48 Point Motion Control System (MCS) consisting of two 24-point synchronized powered skids (each with a Power Team PE4004 pump) tethered together to a control screen module. Four R1506D cylinders at each lifting point (34 points, 136 cylinders in total).

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Construction - power team cylinders

Structural Lifting

Situation: A five-million-pound parking structure adjacent to an office building development needed to be lifted in increments of 1/16” to allow a steel structure to be added underneath. Then, the load needed to be precisely lowered back down in a controlled manner.

Solution Supplied: 28 R2008L cylinders, 4-port manifolds, and an MCS.

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