Hydraulic Technologies for Infrastructure

Safe and Reliable Tools for Infrastructure Projects like Roads, Bridges, and Ports

Hydraulic tools play a pivotal role in the construction of large infrastructure projects offering unparalleled power and precision.

Enabling Efficient, Safe, and Cost-Effective Execution from Start to Finish

Safe and reliable tools are paramount in infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and ports due to the significant impact they have on public safety, project timelines, and the overall success of the endeavor. In these projects, which often involve heavy machinery, large-scale construction, and intricate engineering, the reliability of tools ensures smooth operations and minimizes downtime, thereby allowing projects to progress efficiently and within budget. Moreover, the safety of tools directly correlates with the well-being of workers and the surrounding community, as accidents and failures can result in injuries, delays, and costly damages.

Hydraulic tools play a pivotal role in the construction of large infrastructure projects offering unparalleled power and precision for a wide range of tasks. Hydraulic equipment is essential for lifting and positioning heavy structural elements with precision and safety. Hydraulic tools are essential assets in the construction of large infrastructure projects, enabling efficient, safe, and cost-effective execution from start to finish. 

Featured Projects in Infrastructure

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Bridge Maintenance

Situation: For the disassembly of a bridge deck, a construction company needed high-tonnage force to lift the bridge section during planned maintenance.

Solution Supplied: Four Power Team R1006D cylinders and a motion control system to accurately lift the bridge deck within a 1mm tolerance accuracy.

Infrastructure  /  power team  /  Pumps

Bridge Deck Positioning 

Situation: The customer needed a solution to lift a bridge and keep it square to avoid structural damage while it was positioned.

Solution Supplied: RD10013 (6x) and PE554S power unit to position the bridge deck.

INFRASTRUCTURE  /  power team  /  cylinders

Form Traveler System

Situation: A formwork traveler, used for a free cantilever construction of a concrete bridge, was required to be lifted, aligned, and locked in position for concrete. After concreting, the formwork traveler needed to be lowered for forward launching.

Solution Supplied: Three Power Team cylinders were used in this process. Cylinder model R2806L locking collar cylinder was used as the main support, RH10010 cylinders were used for bar stressing, and custom cylinders were used for pull down.

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