Hydraulic Technologies for Manufacturing

Providing the Power, Precision, and Reliability Required to Keep Equipment Running Smoothly

Hydraulic tools are essential in industrial applications and for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) needs due to their versatility, power, and efficiency.

Driving Efficient Operations in Industrial Facilities

In industrial settings, hydraulic tools are utilized for a wide range of tasks, including heavy lifting, material handling, and assembly operations. Hydraulic presses, for instance, are used to form and shape metal components with precision and force, crucial in manufacturing industries such as automotive and aerospace. Hydraulic cylinders provide the strength needed to operate heavy machinery and equipment, while hydraulic torque wrenches enable the safe and efficient tightening and loosening of bolts and fasteners in industrial machinery and infrastructure. The ability of hydraulic tools to generate immense force using fluid pressure makes them ideal for applications where mechanical or manual methods are insufficient or impractical.

In MRO activities, hydraulic tools are ideal for maintaining and repairing a variety of equipment and infrastructure across industries. Hydraulic jacks and lifts are commonly employed for lifting and supporting heavy machinery during maintenance procedures, providing stability and safety for technicians. Moreover, hydraulic tools offer the advantage of compact size and portability, allowing technicians to access confined spaces and remote locations for maintenance and repair tasks.

Overall, hydraulic tools are assets for industrial operations and MRO needs, providing the power, precision, and reliability required to keep equipment running smoothly and ensure the efficient operation of industrial facilities.

Featured Projects in Manufacturing

MANUFACTURING  /  power team  /  manifolds

Plant Maintenance

Situation: A processing facility needed to lift a large kiln for maintenance.

Solution Supplied: LM4S lifting manifold, PE553 pump, 4 RA1006 cylinders.

MANUFACTURING  /  power team  /  shop equipment

High-Force Press

Situation: A customer needed a modified shop press to allow them to test products after being machined.

Solution Supplied: A custom-engineered 25T shop press was provided, along with an RT172 twin cylinder, a 9042DG digital gauge, a PE172 pump, and hoses.

MANUFACTURING  /  hytec workholding  /  workholding

Workholding Fixturing Solution

Situation: Customer required a custom fixture for their machining center to securely hold raw material during machining operation to reduce scrap rate.

Solution Supplied: A Hytec Workholding item number 100222 accumulator and 100839 die clamp were used.

MANUFACTURING  /  hytec workholding  /  workholding

Workholding Automation

Situation: A milling application required a custom arrangement of workholding products to hold castings in place during machining operation.

Solution Supplied: A 100222 accumulator, 100223 manual pallet valve, and several work supports were configured to meet customer requirements.

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