Hydraulic Technologies for Transportation

Mobile Hydraulic Systems Enhance Efficiency in Applications Including Agriculture, Dump Trailers, and Scissor Lifts

Mobile hydraulic systems offer numerous benefits for a variety of applications including agriculture, dump trailers, and lifts, enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and productivity.

Promoting Productivity, Safety, and Operational Flexibility

In agriculture, mobile hydraulic systems power a wide range of equipment, including bale spikes and dump trailers. Moreover, mobile hydraulic systems provide the power necessary for heavy-duty tasks such as lifting and loading, enabling farmers to handle large bales, bins, and equipment attachments with minimal effort. The portability of mobile hydraulic systems also allows for greater maneuverability in the field.

Similarly, in dump trailers and scissor lifts, mobile hydraulic systems offer unparalleled versatility and reliability. Hydraulic systems power the lifting mechanisms of dump trailers, enabling efficient dumping of materials such as gravel, sand, and construction debris. The controlled movement provided by hydraulic cylinders ensures safe and precise dumping operations, minimizing the risk of accidents and damage to the trailer or surrounding infrastructure.

For scissor lifts used for elevated work platforms, mobile hydraulic systems provide the lifting force necessary to raise and lower the platform to desired heights. The smooth and steady operation of hydraulic systems enhances worker safety and comfort, allowing personnel to perform maintenance, repairs, and construction tasks at elevated locations with confidence and efficiency.

Overall, the adoption of mobile hydraulic systems in agriculture, dump trailers, and scissor lifts delivers significant benefits in terms of productivity, safety, and operational flexibility, contributing to enhanced performance and profitability in these industries.

Featured Projects in Transportation

Auto hoist
TRANSPORTATION  /  stone  /  ac units

Auto Hoist Lifting

Situation: An automotive lift manufacturer required a reliable AC-powered hydraulic unit for their new lift.

Solution Supplied: Stone AB-1270 low pressure power unit was supplied to provide the hydraulic flow and control to safely lift and lower.

TRANSPORTATION  /  stone  /  dc units

Portable Bale Spike Lifting Mechanism

Situation: An agricultural customer was seeking a lightweight DC power unit for use on their two-tine bale spike.

Solution Supplied: A DC-70BS power unit which incorporates a 2-position 4-way cartridge valve and double pilot-operated checks to allow the round bales to be lifted, held, and lowered.

TRANSPORTATION  /  Bolting systems  /  torque wrenches

Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Situation: A large equipment service center needed a solution for loosening seized bolts on off-highway equipment.

Solution Supplied: A TWHC1 hydraulic torque wrench was supplied with a PE55TWP pump.

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