At the center of what we do, we take the necessary steps to build a more sustainable future, guiding the team to “Think More Innovatively” and “Be Responsible” in taking care of our planet and its resources.

This observation highlights our focus on driving product innovation and enhancing our manufacturing processes affecting water, energy, waste, and emissions.  Hydraulic Technologies Leadership encourages the team to keep pushing limits and developing innovative products that drive positive change.

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Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

Our Governance & Sustainability Committee provides oversight of ESG nd sustainability matters, monitoring current and emerging environmental and social topics and addressing relevant issues with solutions. This committee ensures that we are fulfilling our ESG mission:

  • Incorporate a lead on each of the focus areas along with representation from a diverse cross section of the business — EHS, product, operations, and customer engagement
  • Drive employee safety and awareness
  • Ensure enterprise risk management (ERM) remains deeply ingrained in the fabric of our organizational practices
  • Drive code of conduct and our principles


Water is one of our planet’s most precious natural resources. That’s why we design and engineer solutions that conserve water throughout our organization. From changes within our own manufacturing facilities to innovating products, our goal is to use as little water as possible while still being productive, efficient, and profitable. 


From how we use energy to power our systems to the transfer of energy within these systems, energy consumption is a critical element to all sustainability initiatives. That’s why here at Hydraulic Technologies, we consider energy conservation as a critical function within our engineering, design, and manufacturing processes. Whether that means utilizing technology to maximize efficiencies or recycling energy within our systems to use less of it, energy conservation is one of our top priorities.



Generating waste is part of industrial manufacturing, however, Hydraulic Technologies continues to leverage innovative ways to machine or process material and design new products with the focus of cutting down or eliminating waste whenever possible, reducing our water consumption, energy consumption, and greenhouse emissions. 


According to science, emission of greenhouse gases, such as carbon, directly contributes to the warming of the earth’s climate. That’s why as industry leaders it’s our responsibility to ensure that our facilities, as well as the products we make, are respectful of emissions in every scenario. 

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